About Us

Who we are

We are a team of passionate problem-solving design thinkers from various backgrounds. Our team comprises of people from engineering, pure science, marketing, and design backgrounds with experiences ranging from physics laboratories to management consulting to established design studios. This diversity has contributed to a process that churns out truly disruptive products along with a few eye-opening epiphanies for the team along the way, every time.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every product for every purpose is designed for maximum comfort and ease of the user. Where every product is made using environmentally conscious methods. Where every step of production is thoughtful. Where gainful employment exists at the lowest levels of the human pyramid. And where we live in harmony with nature – A society of co-creators, at one with the abundance of nature.

Our Purpose

We believe that products exist to serve human needs – they need to be incredibly easy and intuitive for the user, they need to have a minimal impact on the environment that we inhabitate, and they should be built to serve and last. These three tenets are the pillars for every project that aurik.design takes up, be it our own products or client projects.

We envision a world where every product around us fulfils human needs and simplifies our life instead of adding unnecessary complexity, where each product is a pleasure for any person to use, and one where the products do not impact our natural environment. All in all, a more sustainable life.